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by Guy Shahar

Published: 20th April 2016



The idea for this blog came out of writing my book, Transforming Autism, in the early part of 2016, about how we supported our son in his transition from being an extremely autistic 2 year old, to becoming a wonderfully joyful, balanced and good-natured 6 year old today.   I had no idea what the book would turn into or whether I would even finish it, but it became, even for myself, an inspiring resource for transformative ways to support autistic children.

Through the process of writing it, I decided that I would start this blog to provide more information based on what we have been through.   Actually, my aim is to transform our understanding of what constitutes autism so that we are in a better position to understand and support autistic people.  Our family has been extremely fortunate to have been exposed to particular approaches and therapies that have made a fundamental difference to our son,  and through this blog, I am also aiming to share some of this.

The blog may be a little sparse at the moment, but over the coming days, I will gradually populate it with more posts.  Please comment on posts you read, and share any posts from here that you like on Facebook or Twitter using the share buttons to the left of each post.  Please also pass the link to this blog (www.transformingautism.org) on to anybody who you think might find it useful.  You can also subscribe to be notified of new posts in the field on the right of the screen (as you scroll up), or via the hopefully not too annoying subscribe bar that will occasionally appear at the top of the page.

I have also decided to become a consultant to support other parents of autistic children, to share strategies that we have learnt and implemented to help them to make changes that could in turn support their children.

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