Heartfulness Meditation for Organisations

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Before reading this, please ensure you read the introduction to what Heartfulness Meditation is.

Which sorts of organisations can benefit from Heartfulness?

Really, this could be of enormous benefit to any organisation.  We have conducted workshops in universities, companies, charities, government offices, etc.  Heartfulness can lead to individuals feeling more balanced and contented, and this can, of course, result in more harmony in the organisation and more productivity if it is a business.


Where will meditation take place?

If there are a number of you wishing to experience Heartfulness, a Heartfulness trainer (either myself or another who is available and within reach of you) will come to your premises or a place you have arranged and conduct a workshop there.  We would require a quiet comfortable room that is big enough for the anticipated number of people.


What is a Heartufulness Workshop?

This would take place ideally for 3-4 consecutive days.  By the end of this period, participants will have been prepared and trained to be able to continue the meditation with transmission by themselves, though we would recommend weekly follow up meditation sessions to maintain the momentum and sustain their meditation.  Participants will also be given details of local groups that they might like to join for meditation, and local trainers who can give them ongoing sittings.  They will also learn how to access sittings remotely via an online portal.The lead sessions would be as follows:

The workshop sessions would be as follows:

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Before the Workshop:

Participants can be invited to practice meditation by themselves without transmission, so that they can better compare the experience to what happens when they receive transmission during the workshop.   (for a brief discussion of what transmission in, please see this outline of what Heartfulness is).

Instructions on how to do this alone can be found here, along with a brief relaxation exercise that they can do before the meditation to make the most of it.


Day 1 (ideally 90 minutes):

After a brief introduction, participants will be instructed how to meditate by themselves (without transmission) in case any of them haven't managed to try it beforehand, and invited to practice this for a short time.

Then, the trainer will conduct a meditation with transmission in order for them to be able to compare the difference.  This meditation will also serve as the first of their introductory sittings that will enable them to practice with transmission alone.

The session will conclude by sharing and exploring the participants' experiences and helping them to refine their meditation technique.


Days 2-4 (45-60 minutes):

Each session will begin with a guided relaxation, followed by a facilitated meditation.  The meditation itself is likely to be a little over half an hour, and there will be space for any questions or sharing after it.

It is recommended to have these sessions in person, but if this is logistically prohibitive, there is the possibility of some of them being conducted remotely at a time convenient to the participants.

The final session should be a little longer, as a further technique will be introduced and practised at the end, which they will be able to use to deepen their practice.

The participants will now be fully ready to meditate with transmission by themselves, and will be provided with resources and contact information to be able to continue their participation with others as they wish.


Weekly follow-up sessions (45-60 minutes):

These will essentially be the same as the sessions on days 2-4.  They will complement the participants' individual meditation that they can now do themselves, while giving them a point of contact and an ability to share any of their observations and ask any questions.  We find that these sessions make a great difference to the long term benefit that people derive from Heartfulness, and that it can make a big difference to the organisation's environment to have the whole team actively engaged with such a common beneficial purpose.

How many people can take part at a time?

There is no limit.  It could be one or thousands, as long as there is enough space for them to sit comfortably and they can hear the trainer.

What Arrangements do you need to make?

Very few.  All we require is a quiet comfortable room that is big enough for the anticipated number of people to sit without feeling cramped. For the Introduction Workshop, it is vital that each participant attends all sessions in order to be fully prepared to receive transmission alone thereafter, so you will need to ensure that this is arranged.  In the case of sickness or other unforeseen issues that may affect their ability to attend - or if someone would like to participate but misses the first session - please speak to your trainer well in advance, as it may be possible to find an alternative solution in some cases.

It would also be very useful to have the ability to easily present slides and audio, especially for the first introductory session, though this is not essential.

How to Arrange?

Please contact us with your information and requirements using the form to the left or below, and someone will be in touch to discuss arrangements.