Autism Around the Web – 2

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by Guy Shahar

Published 13th July, 2016

The second of our occasional roundups of interesting posts and articles from around the web relating to autism and the parenting of autistic or special needs children.



This is a share from a mother in the Autism Parenting group of Google+.  She lays out some soothing and down-to-earth advice based on her experience for parents who may be starting out on their journey of research following an autism diagnosis.



Autismlinks is a new listings service that lists various books, events, ideas,autismlinkstherapies, other services, etc.  It is a new site, and so the listings are likely to become gradually more comprehensive as time goes on, but there is already quite a lot of stuff on there (including Transforming Autism).


guardian article

This is an article from the Guardian about a simple acknowledgement that a teacher wrote to an autistic pupil in their class.

It just shows how simple and easy it is to give a child (not to mention their parents) a positive boost when it could be most needed.



This might not be for everybody….  It is a general article about dealing with fussy eaters.  Any strategy for dealing with fussy eating in autistic children obviously needs to be more sensitive than for children without autism (and I write more about this in the book), but at the same time, the impact of junk food on autistic children’s health and condition means that something needs to be done to improve the nutrition that they take in and avoid overloading on the more harmful foods like sugar and arguably gluten and dairy as well.  This article from Wellness Mama, however, is a great statement of the importance and actually the possibility and simplicity of not neglecting this.



This is a passionate and moving post by an American mother of an autistic child, about all the things she wants to say when encountering others with her child but bites her lip about.


Autism Parenting

Last week’s post, What Is Autism, Really?  was first earlier this month in Autism Parenting Magazine .  The magazine, which has a circulation of around 35,000, is offering a free electronic issue to any parent or carer (or actually any reader) who would like to read a copy.  Here is the link to go to to get your free copy of Autism Parenting Magazine.

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