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Now that we are finally registered as an official UK charity, we are looking to significantly expand our team to enable us to go full speed ahead in preparing our UK Mifne Clinic for launch, in raising awareness of the possibilities and importance of Early Intervnetion in autism, and in establishing our comprehensive online Hub.

We welcome hearing from anyone who would be interested in joining our team, however our key volunteer needs now (in rough order of urgency) are for the following roles.  Trustee roles are further down the page.  To register your interest in any of them, please write to - please also make sure you review our values, which are at the heart of the working culture we are aiming to create:

  • Fundraisers and a Head of Fundraising - A top priority, of course, if we are to achieve any of our goals.  Both conventional and innovative approaches welcome.  We are looking to raise large amounts of capital in a very short period of time (at a minimum, a healthy six-figure turnover is required in 2017, which needs to have reached £3m by the end of 2018).  Anyone with a background in philanthropy management would be especially welcome.
  • Volunteer Manager - To help us maintain our culture and maintain motivation and a sense of involvement and empowerment amongst all our volunteers as we grow.
  • Campaigning Lead - Who has experience and an excellent understanding of what makes an outstanding awareness campaign and how to execute it.
  • Autism Specialists - To advise and input into our early intervention awareness campaign, and others to sit on an Advisory Board to review materials and messages that we put out.  We need at least one widely-respected autism specialist - ideally one who is passionate and vocal about Early Identification and Intervention - to sit on our Trustee board.
  • Management - Executive level managers to be responsible for Operations and for Deliver & Outreach.
  • Recruiter - Another critical need - to help expand our team.
  • IT To manage our (currently small but about to explode) IT requirements - e.g. selection of CRM systems, other systems, etc
  • AdministrationVarious administrative tasks will also be required, including taking minutes, keeping our records, following up references, arranging meetings, liaising between the team, etc
  • ResearchThere will be many times when we need to locate information, studies, people and other research in support of our message and especially our information campaigns on Early Intervention and later on Transition to Adulthood.  Any help we can get with this would be very valuable.
  • Professional Support - e.g procurement, HR, legal, etc, to help us to set up our systems and processes as we begin our activities.


Trustee Roles

We are looking to recruit a Chair and Treasurer who have excellent charity governance experience for our Trustee Board, along with an Autism Specialist, who is perhaps widely known in the area.

The key role of each Trustee, beyond expertise in their specialist area will be to provide guidance and leadership to the organisation. They will be expected to bring their experience and networking skills to steer us and help us negotiate any difficulties we may encounter along the way.  This will be particularly critical in the initial period, as we work towards the establishment of our first specialist ‘Mifne’ autism clinic in the UK.

The role will be more hands-on than many Charity Trustee roles, given the stage we are at and the rapid growth that we are expecting.

We are interested in hearing from anybody who feels they would be able to substantially support our purpose.

About You

First and foremost, you will believe in the huge potential within each autistic child, and will deeply resonate with our mission and our values.  You will feel inspired by and invested in them, and motivated to bring into your life a passion and inner commitment to help realise them.

Beyond this, you will have extensive experience in your field and in either the governance of charities, or relevant and transferable accomplishments in other leadership positions.

Some Trustees will be comfortable acting as spokespersons for the charity.

To register your interest in becoming a Trustee with us, please write to