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We believe that autism is not a disease to be cured, but a condition of very great attributes and potential.  However, it also brings great sensitivity, and so the environment in which the autistic person lives can make the difference between whether they thrive and prosper, or become overwhelmed and incapacitated.

This site aims to provide the resources for parents and carers of autistic children to be able to understand what the optimal environment for an autistic child is, and how to create it.  It may also give inspiration to those who care for autistic adults.

The Transforming Autism Project was launched by Guy Shahar in 2016, and is based on his experience of helping to transform the life of his own son by using this approach.

The Project's Mission Statement is farther down this page.

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It contains articles that go more deeply into how we understand autism, what it actually is and how we can optimise the quality of life of our autistic children.  A good post to begin with is the one called, What is Autism, Really?  To see all posts, click below.

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If you resonate with our understanding of and approach to autism, you can book a consultation with Guy to be guided in how better to apply the principles in your own family.  Click below for more details.  For alimited time, first consultations are being offered free.

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This book is about how Guy's family empowered their son to transform himself from an extremely autistic toddler, written off by the medical establishment as severely disabled, into a happy and successful 6 year old living a full contented life and thriving in a mainstream school. It is about the unusually effective treatments they discovered, what they learnt from them and how they strive to continue applying these lessons as he grows and new challenges emerge.

It also proposes a radical and inspiring new way to understand autistic condition, based on the inner-richness of each autistic person rather than on their external behaviour.

Its aim is to serve as an important and practical resource for other parents and carers, leading them to better appreciate the unsuspected richness that silently exists deep within their child, and helping them to understand and apply new attitudes and behaviours towards them that will nurture rather than alienate. Through the many episodes recounted from Guy's family’s journey, Transforming Autism provides living examples of such an approach.

To find out more about the story behind the book, click here to read the press release that accompanied its launch in May 2016.

Mission Statement

We often hear autism being defined by the behaviours that can be observed in autistic people.  For example, “it’s a condition where people have difficulty understanding social dynamics”, or “it’s a condition where people are sensitive to light or sound”.

Actually, these sorts of things are only the most superficial manifestations of autism, and autism itself is simply a condition of profound sensitivity: sensitivity to sensory stimulation and sensitivity to strong emotions.

This sensitivity arises not only from an acute ability to perceive sensory information, but also from an open heart and from a tender idealism that the only thing that makes sense in this world is for everybody to care about and ensure the well being of everybody else.

This means that autistic people have the potential to give so much and make an amazing contribution to the world.

But when they are subjected to constant sensory stimulation and relentless emotional negativity – sometimes even cruelty – all around them, it affects them in an unimaginably profound way.  It is so painful that the only way they can deal with it is to put distance between themselves and their surroundings; to suppress that innate urge they have to interact with and bring  great positivity to all around them.

When we can see beyond the superficial “behaviours” and observe and respect the true nature of the individual beneath, we can not only transform the life of that person, but also benefit from the huge potential they bring to improve this world.

And this, essentially, is the mission of the Transforming Autism project: to raise awareness of the true nature of the autistic person and treat them accordingly so that the astonishing best within them can be evoked for us all to benefit from.

The book, Transforming Autism, is the very first step in this project.  Written in early 2016, it uses one family’s journey to highlight not only the path taken to improve their autistic boy’s life, but also the true underlying nature of that autistic child.

This blog is intended to supplement the book, or provide a taste of some of its ideas to those who haven’t yet read it.

Beyond these, any other means will be used to progress these ends, including speaking, media coverage and consultations with individual families.

if you are interested in getting involved with the Transforming Autism Project or have any ideas that might be useful, please make contact using the form to the right of the screen (or at the bottom), or by writing to

About Guy

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Guy worked as a project manager in IT for 10 years, including 8 years at IBM, before leaving in 2016 to work full-time as an autism advocate and delivering Heartfulness meditation programmes to organisations.  Previously, he had worked as a radio broadcaster and as a TEFL English teacher & trainer.

Early in 2016, He decided to share his family's journey managing his own son's autism.  At 2 years old, he was severely autistic with numerous behavioural anomalies and there was no meaningful way of communicating with him at all.  Now, he is a loving and contented 6-year-old, who loves life and is thriving in a mainstream school.  How they got there is recounted in Guy's book, Transforming Autism, which details the lessons they learnt through the amazing support they received, and how they have applied - and continue to apply - these lessons to give him a renewed existence.

Guy is also a Heartfulness meditation trainer, and works with employers to transform their workplace into one of productivity and kindness.  Click the logo below to find out more, or if you are interested in trying Heartfulness on an individual basis (there is no charge for this), please see the Heartfulness section of this site.

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