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We believe that autism is not a disease to be cured, but a condition of very great attributes and potential.  However, it also brings great sensitivity, and so the environment in which the autistic person lives can make the difference between whether they thrive and prosper, or become overwhelmed and incapacitated.

We also know - from personal experience - the difficulties experienced by parents and carers of autistic children.  We have been through the emergence of the first signs of autism, the feeling of not knowing what to do and being utterly helpless, the need to push the medical authorities first to accept that there is anything to be concerned about and then right through to the diagnosis - only to find that there is little of any value that they can provide after it.  We know what it is like to feel lost for a way forward, with only the Internet for guidance and having to somehow discern firstly between what is genuine and what isn't, and then between what is useful and what isn't.

This site (like any site) cannot be anything other than another of those sites that you will need to assess for yourself.  But we can guarantee that we are totally genuine, and that our outlook and approach has utterly transformed lives.

We aim firstly to provide an inspiring new understanding of what autism actually is - which even by itself can transform the way we look at and behave towards autistic children - and then to help parents create the optimal environment for their autistic child, which is critical to the realisation of their potential.  This may also give inspiration to those who care for autistic adults.

The Transforming Autism Project was launched by Guy Shahar in 2016, and is based on his experience of helping to transform the life of his own son using this approach.

The Project's full Mission Statement is here.

Next Steps

Visit The Blog

It contains articles that go more deeply into how we understand autism, what it actually is and how we can optimise the quality of life of our autistic children.  A good post to begin with is the one called, What is Autism, Really?  To see all posts, click below.

Get Help

If you resonate with our understanding of and approach to autism, Guy can offer guidance in the application of these principles to your own family.  The aim is to understand the impact of the home and family environment on the autistic child, and to create the emotional surroundings that are critical for his/her wellbeing and development.  Click below for more details.  For a limited time, first consultations are being offered at half price.

Read the Book

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This book is about how Guy's family empowered their son to transform himself from an extremely autistic toddler, written off by the medical establishment as severely disabled, into a happy and successful 6 year old living a full contented life and thriving in a mainstream school. It is about the unusually effective treatments they discovered, what they learnt from them and how they strive to continue applying these lessons as he grows and new challenges emerge.

It also proposes a radical and inspiring new way to understand autistic condition, based on the inner-richness of each autistic person rather than on their external behaviour.

Its aim is to serve as an important and practical resource for other parents and carers, leading them to better appreciate the unsuspected richness that silently exists deep within their child, and helping them to understand and apply new attitudes and behaviours towards them that will nurture rather than alienate. Through the many episodes recounted from Guy's family’s journey, Transforming Autism provides living examples of such an approach.

To find out more about the story behind the book, click here to read the press release that accompanied its launch in May 2016.


About Guy

Guy (May 2016) - Cropped Smaller

Guy worked as a project manager in IT for 10 years, including 8 years at IBM, before leaving shortly after founding the Transforming Autism Project in 2016, to work full-time as an autism advocate and consultant.  Previously, he had worked as a radio broadcaster and as a TEFL English teacher & trainer.

Guy is also a Heartfulness meditation trainer.  For more information about this unique and transformative meditation practice (always free), please see the Heartfulness section of this site, and contact Guy to be introduced to it.

As well as meditation, Guy loves to write, and is the author of 2 books, 2 films and a 6-part television comedy series (he is currently writing a second series).  He also enjoys music, playing the piano and previously the guitar, though not to any level of mastery and only his own compositions.

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